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Technical Support

How to install in Android device

 step: Settings—System settings—Severs—Portals—type “URL ” into Portal 1 URL

- then save the portal

- then click Reboot portal

- then click Reboot device

- After Reboot the device, you can watch the IPTV.

Notice: The test code just valid 24 hours, please test within 24 hours.

MOdernlife: Portal URL : mag.qhdtv.tv/portal2/c/

IUDTVPRO : PortalURL: mag.iudtvpro.com/c/

QHDTV: Portal URL : mag.qhdtv.tv/portal2/c/

Datoo: Portal URl: mag.epricofhd.com/c/


For more information and update visit our channels in YouTube 

How to run on Smart TVs by Smart TV app

MOdrenlife playlist URL : http://qhdtv.siptv-list.com/siptv.m3u?code=XXX

IUDTVpro Playlist URL: http://panel.iudtv.org/IudtvApi/downloadfile/?code=XXX&type=m3u

QHDTV playlist URL : http://qhdtv.siptv-list.com/siptv.m3u?code=XXX

DATOO playlist URL : http://n2.smartvpluseu.com/m3u?code=XXX&type=m3u

                                                                                                                                            *XXX your code

How to use the VLC player to watch 

What do you need to do after you have downloaded the VLC player? In fact, only need one step: Move the M3U file (you get it from the seller)into VLC media player and double click file.

Then just watch the program you like and enjoy yourself !

How to use Smarters Player App for iPhone&iPad

Smarters Player is can be download from Apple Store

Once you download it. you can set the IUDTV and QHDTV

MOdernlife server urls : http://xtream.ddn1.tn

IUDTVPRO  server urls : http://xtream.iudtvpro.com

QHDTV        server urls : http://xtream.ddn1.tn

Datoo          Server URL: http://mag.epricofhd.com

NETV           http://livego.club:8080 

username and password will be the code of subscription