Technical Support

How to install in Android device

Download the APK file on your Android box/Phone/Tablet. 

open the APK and put the code

 step: Settings—System settings—Severs—Portals—type “URL ” into Portal 1 URL

- then save the portal

- then click Reboot portal

- then click Reboot device

- After Reboot the device, you can watch the IPTV.

Notice: The test code just valid 24 hours, please test within 24 hours.

MOdernlife: Portal URL :


QHDTV: Portal URL :

Datoo: Portal URl:

For Reseller


Please visit our youtube channel in Reseller panel playlist to get information

how to use the panel


How to use the VLC player to watch 

What do you need to do after you have downloaded the VLC player? In fact, only need one step: Move the M3U file (you get it from the seller)into VLC media player and double click file.

Then just watch the program you like and enjoy yourself !

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NETV    url: 

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