Start your own IPTV business now, you only need your own IPTV panel to start, where you can generate lines for users.



How does it Work?


When you become our reseller, you will receive a Reseller Panel Account with credits to create accounts and manage your users. It's very simple!



This panel use credit system, Credit Costs:


1 credits = 1 months
4 credits = 6 months
3 credits = 3 months
5 credits = 12 months

Trial: free test account (0 credit)



Credits System


The reseller account is not time-based. This means that when you buy a reseller account, your credits will not expire. Credits allow you to create accounts for users.

For example, creating 1-month account costs you 1 credit. You can sell our service as long as you have credits left. If you run out of credits, you can simply recharge your account.

NETV IPTV control panel with 25 credits contains 10000+Live / VOD Free for IPTV

  • After purchase

    • leave us your email or WhatsApp number To connect you.
    • send to you the creditswith panel and instructions.