QHDTV IPTV is an online TV program whose server is stable and has been running steadily for more than 5 years. We have won praise from customers from all over the world. It can work with Android device, Mag device, iPhone, iPad, VLC Player and Smart TV.  


It has more than 2100 live channels, including channels for Middle East, Turkey, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Benelux, Arabia, Africa, Tunisian, Algerian, Lebanon, Kurdi, Morocco, Souda, Mauritanie. QHDTV offers various live channels, variety shows, as well as the popular sport channels which will make your life wonderful. For APK & M3U & Mag device, it will show you 2000+ VOD for US/Arabic/French series and films. You can enjoy it whenever you like and you can watch the programs in VOD from starts to the end.  



QHDTV has his unique feature:  


▸Up to 2100+ Live and 20000+VOD, the most cost-effective IPTV in the world.  

▸More than 20 national programs, truly let you to see the world just at home.  

▸Massive Popular HD Free Video Resources: Sports, movie, cartoon, music, etc. Let your home entertainment get an amazing upgrade.  

▸Box Office provided, thousands of the latest HD movies and TV series keep updating, let you enjoy the private cinema.  

▸Automatic remind to update and renew.  

▸More convenient, More smooth, Clearer.  

▸UI function let you change operating interface whenever.  

▸Favorite and regular function let you easily find channels which you like.  

▸EPG function let you know next program in advance.  

▸TIME CONTROL have been added in order to control the progress of video.  

▸The channel list is not the final one and will be updated due to the market demand.  



The code of subscription will be sent via email 

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