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MOdernlife has More than 1800 live channels, including channels for Middle East, Turkey, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Benelux, Arabia, Africa, Tunisian, Algerian, Lebanon, Kurdish, Morocco, Sudan, Mauritania. offers various live channels, variety shows, as well as the popular sport channels which will make your life wonderful. it will show you 10000+ VOD, you can enjoy it whenever you like, and you can watch the programs and movies in VOD from starts to the end.


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Dear customer,

First, sorry for your inconvenience, as you may know, iudtv is not stable for a while, for this situation, the company has decided to change whole iudtv server to other server and codes For Android de

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Welcome To The Home Of MOdernlife IPTV Site. We Offer An Iptv Service With A Wide Variety Of Live Tv From Around The World.

The Service Is Available On Various Platforms Or Devices. Have A Look Around To Find The Best Package For You.

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