You may be interested in QHDTV or IUDTV and you will have some questions. Let’s take a look at the basic questions and answers.

1. What channels are there in QHDTV and IUDTV Package and how many channels?

Qhdtv has more then 1400  channels Plus 6000 VOD .

Qhdtv including French, Arabic, Tunisia, Arabic News, Arabic Sports, Arabic Music, Arabic Kids, Arabic Premium, Islamic, Nilesat arabic, Algeria, Lebanon, Sport channels, Box Office, and Africa channels, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Netherland, Portugal, Turkish, Lig TV, CyFra+, Hindi/asia, etc.

IUDTV more then 2500 channels Plus 1500 VOD.

IUDTV including Arab, Italy, Spain, Turkey, UK, Albania, France, Sweden, Greece, czech, Germany, Africa, Romania, Netherlands, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Belgium, Iran, Ex-Yu, Hindi/Pakistan, etc.

2. Will you provide a Free 24 Hours Trial before purchase?

Yes, we will offer you a free 24 hours trial before your purchase.

3. What devices can QHDTV and IUDTV work on or support?

They works well on Android device, Iphone, IPad, MAG TV box Devices, Smart TV. laptop and pc.

4. Does your QHDTV and IUDTV Subscriptions for monthly or yearly?

There are 1 year subscription, 6 months and 3 months. Welcome to have a free 24 hours trial before your purchase.

5. What do we need to get from the seller?

For different devices we need to get different things from the seller:

1. Android—–Code

2. VLC media player—–M3u file

3. Samsung/LG TV or other Android TV—–Code et Mac address


5. Mag25x—–Mac address

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