How is the quality of service you have? 

   We always strive to be the best, and we try to overcome all obstacles and difficulties to provide the best service we can provide, but in return you must know that the internet channels are not like regular satellite channels, there are many updates and many variables, so it is natural to find weakness in some channels sometimes, then They are repaired or deleted, or new channels are added, and so on ... We have neither 100% service quality, but competition in whoever has the highest percentage of quality. 


How much internet speed is required to operate the channels? 

   You need a good internet speed, so that it is not less than 4MB, and we prefer it to be above 8MB, but with this there is no fixed number to set it, because often the true internet speed that you have is not the same as the speed at which you are originally subscribed, but there are other things that affect the quality of the channels Such as device type, software, and delivery method, so we always recommend trying it before subscribing. 


Is the trial subscription different from the paid one? 

   There is no difference at all. The trial subscription is the same as the paid subscription 100%, there is no difference except in the duration of the subscription, because the source of the channels is one of the same server, if you find your trial subscription bad, we do not advise you to subscribe, because the same result will be in the paid, and if you find it excellent and stable and there are no problems in broadcasting And channels, it will be so, God willing, in the paid subscription. 


Can I change iptv to another device when my current device is broken?  

   Yes, we can do this for you. 


Are there porn channels in your packages? 

   We have no pornographic channels. We fear God in this regard, and if you are looking for pornographic channels, we recommend that you subscribe to other websites. 


How can I see a list of channel names? 

   Of course, it is possible by requesting an experiment to get to know the full channels and test their quality. 


Do I have to request an experiment before subscribing? 

   Of course, yes, we advise you to do this because after payment and subscription we cannot replace or cancel your subscription if it does not work for you well, and if you request the subscription without experience, this is at your personal risk. 


How long is the trial subscription? 

   The trial period is 24 hours. 


When will I receive the subscription after ordering and paying? 

   The code of subscription will be sent via email within 4 hrs. And often in the first minutes after payment. 


Do you offer a Reseller Control Pane!?  

   Yes. We can offer reseller panel once the order over 5 pieces. (reseller offers available in shop page) 


How can i become your reseller?  

   Welcome to be our reseller, we will create panel for you with easy after you pay. More question please contact us for details, thanks! (reseller offers available in shop page)